Glüwein Recipe

Just thought I’d put this recipe here so I don’t have to search at the time 🙂

(multiply as per required;)

6 cloves
4 Tablespoons/sugar cubes
Rum to pour over sugar
4 cups red wine (dry)
1 orange to zest
1 lemon to zest
3 cinnamon sticks

Pour red wine into a pot with the cinnamon, cloves and zest from the orange and lemon. Let it warm up (but don’t cook it, just warm it).

Put some kind of metal grate over the pot to place the sugar cubes on. Pour a little rum on the sugar and light on fire (be extremely careful please!!). Let the sugar drip into the wine. (If this seems too unsafe for you, just drop 4 tablespoons sugar into the wine mixture and add a dash of rum in).

Serve Hot

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