So for anyone who has programmed with databases and wanted to test out a new language or system, (in this case referring particularly to the Microsoft front,) you would have come across those initial tutorials expecting you to use the infamous “Northwind” DB. Now, it’s always been an irritation for me as I never have it in my installs and always need to import or such, but to make matters worse, the MS website has been failing to let me download the files anyway lately…

To the rescue comes binoj7 coordinating a codeplex repository of the Northwind DB in different formats or even in script to just build it on your current DB by simply running a query.

Source: Northwind database – Home

As small a problem as it was, it’s nice to mark it off from future issues as well. FYI, the project site even has a nice entity diagram for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time making their own.