From my side, I bought my Razer products particularly for their scripting possibilities and so I could use the keyboard for everything from gaming to programming… Imagine being able to write a program in 1/10th of the time because all the boilerplate / repetitive code is linked to a selection of keys and this configuration could then follow you from machine to machine.

I work on Windows, Mac and Linux and my goal was to travel with my Razer products so that I could game and work with their settings synchronized in the cloud, but as I work predominantly on Linux, the Razer products now sit sadly at home on the single Windows device for gaming only directly on there… I can’t even use them on my big screen as I use the in home streaming there and of course through a Linux based device meaning yet another fail… end up just using an XBox controller and a cheap keyboard and mouse (the Anansi having too many issues to use without the Synapse benefit.)

Thought I’d have a quick look at my own Steam collection only and there really surely seems to be enough top end game and publisher support to suggest a second look by Razer, let alone the SteamOS movement… Here’s a quick overview:

(or click here if the above doesn’t show)

Maybe they don’t want to compete with the Steam Controllers but that would be supremely short sighted as there will always be games supporting both as well as some still only keyboard and mouse.

For now, time to test some custom drivers being put together by the community:

This post inspired by the terribly short thread here.