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Me… On-line

L33tCh @

  • L33tCh.Net
    My home page of course… well the entire site, not just the WP blog
  • deviantART.com and daportfolio.com
    If you don’t know deviantArt, you really should check it out
  • YouTube.com
    Usually uploading game play clips and saving favourites are what I use this account for
  • Flickr.com
    My complete photo collection.. well, that’s the goal… mostly only shared to friends though, so sign up!
  • Blogspot.com
    My Google (Blogger) blog… now forwarding to this one 🙂
  • xFire.com
    Gaming tracker/community/thing…
  • SteamCommunity.com
    Similar to above… just more publisher orientated… more corp… but necessary
  • Kongregate.com
    Web (flash and java) games site.. but more pro… steam style
  • Twitter.com
    To be honest… don’t use this too much, but I have set many site to do automatic updates to it… so it is very active.
  • WordPress.com
    Essentially, this will be where I plan to link l33tch.net if my server goes down
  • Crunchyroll.com
    A great site for streaming anime… and some even same day are airing in Japan
  • AnimeNfo.com
    Was where I kept my complete anime list.. though it’s now split with Crunchyroll’s own auto lists
  • SoundCloud
    Audio sharing site… not very active due to SA bandwidth, but I like the idea

Hmmm, I think I’ll skip on forum profiles for now… Lets just get this all up and running first.

Should I use the respective logo’s for the above links?

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