So, I’ve been inactive for quite a while now, but with a few changes to how I use the net (with particular regard to multiple computers / OS’s and clients) I have made number changes that should get me more active on all fronts… let’s see how it goes.

Anyway, as a first off… again… I’d like to link to a few sites that have a rather interesting function; Online Operating Systems.

Now, the idea is and is not as it sounds… It is in fact a rather handy centralised system which feels like a virtual computer that you connect to through a web browser… Of course the down sides, which push it away from being a true OS, are that you of course can’t run normal apps on them, but they make up for it by obviously allowing any web based apps and have a nice file system for storage and even differing levels of mail and office tools for personal use.

Well, I’ll let you see for yourself now, these are the top few I have tried:

EyeOS – my favourite, if only they gave you more storage
GlideOS – probably the best all rounder, but maybe trying too hard?

The next seem good, but I haven’t tested them enough to have an opinion yet:
eDesk Online®