Back to Windows 7 now… to be honest, I haven’t recently checked if it was available for vista, but there are an awesome selection of themes available… some with multiple desktops even. Very nice.

Back to the task bar though, I just noticed another improvement in space management:
It seems to be an addition to Aero called Aero Peek which not only gives you the small preview just above the start bar, but if you hold the mouse over an icon a bit longer, you get a full screen preview to see exactly what’s going on there.

Another addition I’ve noticed is built-in biometric software, so no need to installed layered software from your PC’s manufacturer now…

Lastly for now, I haven’t mentioned it before as it was the most mentioned item I had seen online before trying Win7 myself, is the way gadgets work now… not on a bar on the right but anywhere on the screen… again, just a nicety, never used it much myself so it may get a more rampant mention by a fan.

Ok, enough for now, my dinner’s arrived!