So I’m finally getting my Debian installation up to scratch to completely replace Winedows… Of course I have a XP64 installation on an external drive I connect by eSata for more hardcore gaming… but even in games, a lot works perfectly with the latest stable nVidia drviers I have on my box.

Anyway, one of the latest things I found, pretty handy for those into virtualisation… VMWware player works wonderfully, as expected from them, but some previous though relatively recent changes to Debian require the following string to be run so that the arrow and super keys properly from within a virtaul machine:

echo 'xkeymap.nokeycodeMap = true' > ~/.vmware/config

I was worried it would be a big deal, but it was as simple as that 🙂
Next… look into organising a good x server for my onboard intel graphics card… then I can try out some scripts I’ve seen to help booting into the corrrect one depending on the switch selection on my laptop… oi