So… IPv4 has been used up but IPv6 is still not in wide use… but it is changing at an exponential rate. World IPv6 day will surely add to this as well. But that and the possibility that your ISP is not yet making the move, doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun!

Yup, why not create your own tunnel into the IPv6 world? At gogoNET’s Freenet6 you can do just that. Sign up and download your own gogo6 client and connect via tunnel to enable an IPv6 network for yourself.

Then, as the post title would seggest, the fun doesn’t stop there! Head over to Hurricane Electric to get some certifications now that you’ve put the effort in. Starting as easy a a tiny questionnaire to prove you understand the very basics of IPv6 and get your own Newbie cert and continuing by level to show your current level of IPv6 readiness and use.

Here’s mine, get yours today:

IPv6 Certification Badge for L33tCh