Ok, so it has been far too long (with a worsening predilection to ignorance) since I have been posting and particularly since i put some real effort into my blog. Things have changed though and I have decided that in order to have the future that I want, I will need to take certain things into my own hands, the first of which is my income.

There is only so much one can do while working for another and so I have decided that a secondary income is definitely something I need to put a lot of effort into investigating. If in the long run it can replace my primary job, even better but for now I am happy to spend spent my “spare” time on working to improve myself with this end in mind.

The first thing that I am working on is actually leveling up my skills with regard to mobile development… I have spent many a quiet hour at home unwinding with some Android code and it seems completely ridiculous that I have not yet released anything complete… possibly a sign of the perfectionist within but I’d like to believe the laziness along-side was able to hide it. Hang on, I may have hit the nail on the head there. 😕

So on that note, you will have seen that I have finally started work on my home page: l33tch.net. If you found your way to my blog directly, feel free to click here to check it out and please feel free to give me any comments/suggestions as the site is also a way for me to test my we dev skills. I am hoping for it to change and grow as I do, as well as to ensure that I don’t keep letting my work disappear in time as hard drives die and data is lost in memory.

Let me not let this drag on too long (or am I too late?) but rather say welcome to my new digital home and expect no more silence from this fool. I will likely have widely ranging posts, not just tech based, though I will at least put a proper effort into what I write, other how could I expect you to come back for more 🙂