Just thought I’d share my love for Steam at this moment…

I’d like to think I’ve been very accepting with all the measures they have taken to protect their specials by country and overly embellish the payment system as time goes by, but I must be a bit tired now cos I just snapped a little:

I have already had to create multiple PayPal accounts because steam are turning ms control freak wannabes and not allowing me to use my UK credit card while staying with family in South Africa… but now I’m not allowed to purchase with this new account all of a sudden because it is different to my steam email? I don’t believe I should have to change my life around in every online aspect each time steam feel insecure about something. but still i do all i can to try bend over backward to accommodate a system which seems to be moving backwards now and even after PayPal confirm everything is in order, I still get: Your purchase has not been completed.
“The payment processor has reported an authorization failure. Please select a different payment method.” (i would like to assume the attempted “payment processor” is in some form of beta because this super-multi step purchase system is getting beyond ridiculous!!!)
Please of course note that this is after PayPal send perfect confirmation.
What exactly am I supposed to do now?!? I refuse to use a credit card… I am in South Africa where there is far too much fraud and don’t agree with the credit lifestyle anyway (can you say credit crunch)
besides, does my account look like an account that should be given these hassles?
So now please, in your infinite wisdom, what can i do do help your system do it’s job and accept money from me?

Just for interest sake, I currently have 266 games on my steam account… surely they will take my frustration into consideration? We’ll have to see…

Anyway, feel free to rebuke me or back me up, i’d like to see if anyone else has these hassles.