Let’s start with VMWware

Here is the site I worked with, otherwise the details follow bwlow:

Here are the 32bit and 64bit downloads.

  1. Install required packages build-essential, linux-kernel-headers and linux-kernel-devel

    sudo aptitude install build-essential linux-kernel-headers (don't need linux-kernel-devel for uBuntu 9.04)

  2. Navigate to where the .bundle VMWare file is, then type this in

    gksudo bash ./VMware-Workstation-6.5.0-118166.i386.bundle (or whatever the file name is you downloaded)

Then you get the normal install process and usually defaults are fine.

When it’s up, don’t forget to finish off with: echo 'xkeymap.nokeycodeMap = true' > ~/.vmware/config to get the keyboard running right.

Then disable checking for updates with the VMWare player… if you do a player update, it removes Workstation.

Then if the problem occurs in w windows vm with the strange mouse click behavior, uninstall the vmware-tools mouse driver and let it install the standard ps2 version.

That should be all you need.