So just thought I’d put my research into a useful form for more than just myself. Looking for the best 3G option left me with the below data in terms of costs and quantity of data downloaded. The lower the better in this case (being Rand per 1Gig) and so when averaging it is plain to see that CellC have the best option.

What this doesn’t take into account though are call costs, coverage and data speed. For the areas that I use, CellC also win on all of this but it may be different depending on location.

The final thing this doesn’t take into account service, but with the idea currently being “Which sucks less?” I can basically make my decision based on the data below:

FYI, the lines are bundle size in megabytes and detailed down the right. If the network did not have the bundle, the graph makes use of their per meg rates to calculate what it would be.

If you’d like to see the data beneath let me know. This is based on advertised rates for all providers for November 2012 in South Africa.