Shunt is just awesome… had to just say it.
It’s essentially a part club, part art gallery/studio… sorta like thing, hehe.

Here’s a bit of my experience tonight… well, last night now I guess:

The entrance leads you into a room lined with mathematical equations, walls, ceiling and all… After leaving We have a look a some photography and models made with general household objects…

While there I was promptly directed away and alone into a room and locked in to what was to be an all out interrogation.. luckily, headphones you wear give your responses so don[t have to do the talking, but the atmosphere just great.

After I got out, I was locked in a room to lie in a hammock watching nebula photos with space shuttle transmissions playing over really relaxing background music. Even got a ticket for the ride πŸ™‚

Pity I didn’t get any pictures of those, but next after walking farther down, the corridor seems to go one forever (more so than I remember) but as we get closer we see the next piece:

Next it’s through a dark room, spot lights focusing on a flower set in glass…

I know.. the photos aren’t great… my phone camera is the best I got at the moment, sorry.

Anyway, to cut a long story short… it’s gotta be the best night out to be had in London… and the cherry on top; each time it’s different!

To finish off I’ll just add a few more pics of what I could get a shot of:

A representation of our solar system… with random objects; soccer ball, snooker ball, marble…

One of the live bands playing on one of the stages

Sexy steamed up windows or a morbid picture of an end… you decide.

Love letters from heaven…. or at least above the doorway to be specific.

A bit of jazz near another bar

The library.. I mean, main bar πŸ™‚

A corner of the main dance floor… terrible pic again… sorry.

Anyway, to really understand, you just have to go!