Well, now here’s a great one. There have been many of these remote access type apps but this is the best I’ve used and just as you start wondering on the costs… AirDroid! It’s also the first completely free one! (Well, first I’ve found or was shown).

So, I think using the “picture tells a thousand words” mindset, let me just show you some screenshots and list the features and you can then just go ahead and download it… oh wait, decide whether you want to… and then download it 😉

Above you see the main web interface for AirDroid. And if this is the first time you’re seeing this kind of interface I’m sure you’re pretty surprised at the functionality it gives never mind the possibilities 🙂

Features in the above pics:

  • Phone status including:
    Disc Space
    Signal status (Wifi and Cel)
    To name the main features…
  • The clipboard where, yes, you can share your clipboard between phone and computer (so many uses for this)
  • Ability to open a URL on teh device from yours phone..
    and then all the apps!

  • A music player to play your music on your device form any computer 😉

  • Slide show / picture viewer

AirDroid at the AppStore

And then a whole bunch more:

  • Call logs
  • Video player (if you install quicktime)
  • Message manage (yes, SMS from your PC!)
  • Backup share and search for apps too

And there is more so go have a look and join in the awesome!