So just a minor irritation I have regarding some CellC marketing… I see one of their latest deals has an age calculator which is fun… but on looking at a latest HTC, the age response is:

Which is fun… but excited by the prospect of an even newer phone, I indeed clicked the Sandra range button and got this poor showing here:

Now, sure, I know I’m bit of an HTC fan (for anyone who dislikes HTC from use prior to Android.. that was your problem… Microshaft to be exact. The hardware itself has apparently always been solid!) and that makes me place the One X above the S3, but even if we go right down the the details… they are essentially the same inside and more importantly, where released in the same month! Has CellC not learnt from the whole 4Gs saga?

Anyway, they still have the best performing network for 3G (yup, I have sim cards for all ISPs…) and now with Vodacom apparently dropping HTC again (at least on the Vodashop site) I’m still gonna have to lead this way… so thought I’d share the request I sent to the CellC sales team:

I want the HTC One X but also need high speed data. The One X+ would of course be preferable, but if CellC are ignorant enough to think the S3 is younger than the One X (referring to the faulty age calculator statement on the MAMBO5 deal… another CPA case?) , I’m guessing you don’t have the X+ yet.
But, with all it’s faults, I still have been getting the best 3G speeds from CellC so the best of bad options is OK? Anyway, I’d like to discuss moving from VodaCON

Update: Still haven’t heard from them…