So finally made it to Ministry of Sound.. can’t believe I’ve been here so long and have not… really was an experience that begs for more!

First of all, we were allowed in free… I assume it was due to a marketing event…. but still, pretty darn good first impression.

Above we have a clip of a sax being played on the bar as part of a battle of a DJ battle… good times.. and below some blowing fire and fire poi (only thought of getting a pic at the end, so excuse the lack of things going on in the photo, hehe)


I must admit though, that as we walked in, we all thought it seemed remarkably small for the root of all that is Ministry of sound… On the other hand, the atmosphere and styling, sound system, screens and lighting, were all of course amazing.

A short time later two more dance floors were opened as well and there was also an upstairs area (at this point for VIP access only) so the size  question had been sufficiently quashed.


The biggest problem I had was not bringing a camera, so I’m sorry to say, the photos here are the best my phone could do, and I’ll do better next time đŸ˜‰