Google Wave

This platform could really cause a shift in the use of the internet for communication in my eyes…

I have often thought there are far too many options for social interaction and too many people on only some of them.. which leaves many of us having to have accounts with all the related portals just to keep in contact.

Now, it may not be completely doing this at the moment, but from what I’ve seen, Google Wave will be helping those of us in this situation as well as creating an entirely new platform and style for communication via the web…

google wave
Just a preview of Google Wave with a Twitter app

Think along the lines of chat vs email vs realtime document colaboration… but including all the web extras such as video, java, games… It is quite a bit to think about… I daresay the creators themselves are still learning new possibilities that the platform could be used for.

Anyway, before I write a book about it… Have a look.. and if you have an hour or so to kill on the technical side… have a look at the video below: